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As part of the Sucafina group, we are vertically integrated in the supply chain throughout Burundi.Through this vertical integration we have a solid, reliable and transparent supply chain– something of immense value in this challenging country!Coffee farms lie in the highlands, where soils are rich and volcanic.But optimal growing conditions alone aren’t enough to produce a high-quality coffee.Under influence of the private sector and foreign investors, washing stations started raising the bar of the cup profile commonly associated with Burundian coffee.The Burundian coffee industry is split over two main parties: state-owned and private.Until the early nineties, Burundi invested heavily in its coffee industry with assistance from the World Bank.

Specialty coffee production took hold in Burundi as well.

These projects can have all different angles: socioeconomic, environmental, technical support, and so on.

We source our microlots from award-winning washing stations like Kibingo and Nemba through a second company called Greenco.

Our local operation is coordinated by our sister company BUCAFE.

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They have various washing stations across the country and their own dry mill in Gitega.

However, it uses specific strategies to target high-risk groups, including: According to the Ministry of Health’s 2015 report, malaria represents more than 50% of the reasons for visits and 45% for hospitalizations in healthcare facilities in Burundi.