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27-Jul-2019 17:28

People love to hate advertising, they always have and always will.

It’s not the hate for advertising that spells its doom.

But it will only feel right if what she says in that voice is appropriate to your context, your need, and your emotional state.

Titled, “The End of Advertising As We Know It,” the report at first glance fits nicely into the current backlash against major publishers and ad networks, including Google and Facebook.As I say in the report: Consumers have options for getting what they want without interruptions.Interruptions have worked for a while now and still do in the digital age.Those relationship technologies will include many of the things my smart colleagues are covering at Forrester like business intelligence (BI) solutions; cloud infrastructure to reduce cost and be more agile; marketing tech that offers a real-time, single view of the customer; customer experience processes; and specifically useful to the next wave of relationships, artificial intelligence that will drive a conversational relationship with your customer.

That intelligent conversational relationship with the customer can begin now in chatbots on websites, in chat interfaces on mobile apps, in Alexa voice skills.

Led by P&G Chief Brand Officer, Marc Pritchard, major advertisers like GE and JP Morgan Chase have been reexamining their digital display advertising spend and threatening to cut significant dollars out as they pressure companies like Google and Facebook to provide more transparency and ultimately more standardization into their ad reporting.