British dating rules

06-May-2019 18:56

The author does this in a playful and fun way and deals with all kinds of topics related to the main subject.The writing style of the book is well-paced and easy to get through, but I did think it was a bit dry at times and I would have liked it if the book had had more examples of do's and don'ts.)The Very British Rules of Dating takes a refreshing and light-hearted approach at how to date the perfect British gentleman (and getting him to do all the wooing! It explores the answers to ever-so-common questions such as: - Where are all the quality men hiding? - Why do men only seem to ‘flirt’ after a bit of Dutch courage? This is an absolute first for me; a review of a non-fiction book.- How do I know where I stand when he never says what he means? I really looked forward to doing something completely different and it certainly has been that.I loved the way men were referred to as ‘chaps’ too. It explores every facet of the subject, no stone is left unturned.

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I have to be honest and say I am not familiar at all with non-fiction books about topics such as dating, or self-help books in general.

The observations are interesting and quite forthright.

I wasn’t sure what I expected when I agreed to review this, but I found it to be a thought-provoking, useful and engaging read; practical, yet with humour.

There's even I was provided with a free copy by So Vain Books in exchange for an honest review. ) married woman, I'm not what you'd think of when it comes to the target market for a book about dating.

There's even examples of dialogue you could use as the basis for scenes!

But here's the kicker - and I'm not sure this was Lady Asprey's or even the publisher's intention - this is the perfect, must-have book for every romance author who writes or hopes to write about British men as her heroes.