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The focus at this level will be to further strengthen the competencies in the Core Learning areas, while expanding the scope of General Studies and adding one or two Practical and Pre-vocational Skills.

At this level reading and writing in English will be introduced and developed in a more systematic way.

Noteworthy, the programme increased access to basic education for out-of-school groups and, as a result, the total youth and adult literacy rates rose from 83.3% and 68% in 1990 to 94% and 83%, respectively, as of 2003-2008.

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it’s never too late to learn) – is a comprehensive, integrated, outcome based, modularised and fully accredited lifelong educational and skills training programme for out-of-school groups which was officially launched by the Department of Out of School Education and Training (DOSET) in the beginning of 2010.

The ABEP’s comprehensive and integrated curriculum was developed with technical support from the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) and aims to offer participants / learners with basic educational training that is equivalent to seven years of learning under Botswana’s formal primary school system (i.e.