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27-May-2019 03:24

Basically, women will have sex with such a man all the time, whenever he wants to because of the way he makes them FEEL.But that’s just the core thing; there are many other reasons why women like bad boys.And someone who affects women on a raw and emotional level because of the vibe they give out.The REAL and the most fundamental reason why women like bad boys is very simple: They elicit a STRONG EMOTIONAL RESPONSE from women with their actions and words. That’s the entire mind-blowing secret as to why most women will find this type of man extremely and utterly attractive and why girls like bad boys in general.

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If there was actually a guy who’d treat women bad because he WANTED to, he would not be a “bad boy”.When a woman becomes attracted to you on a gut instinct level, her heart starts racing, her pupils widen, her muscles tense up, she gets that pit-of-the-stomach feeling and also becomes a little lightheaded. You guessed it; many other negative states, like fear, anxiety, worry.She will feel uncomfortable and will naturally seek to alleviate her discomfort by shit-testing you and seeing if you’ll crumble under the pressure.However, you should not think of Push/Pull as a PUA .

In fact, this and being challenging, in general, are an essential part of the bad boy lifestyle.

That’s because the vast majority of girls do not like bad men or bad people in general.

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