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26-Mar-2019 11:37

“There were all kinds of rabbis from around the world, and a New Yorker.He was not a rabbi, but you might be interested to know the name.Also, he said, “If you want to do it for fun, you can do that,” but the woman has to be in on it.Travel guides mention a Kazakh sport called , a precursor of polo.Lawrence Crew Interviewee: Gail Porter Ali G visits the NRA and learns about gun rights Music: Ali sings "Amazing Staines" Skit: Ali dies defending an "Increase da Peace" meeting and meets Jah Ali G learns about illegal weapons DJ Tha4orce: Ali learns to speak Jamaican Interviewee: Anita Roddick The Message: Medical ethics Borat visits the Henley Regatta Music guest: Jarvis Cocker Ali's Final Thought Ali G takes the job of a police officer for a day at the Philadelphia Police Department.

In Borat’s Kazakhstan, Jews attack people with their claws, and “Dirty Jew” is a popular film.

According to Borat, a Kazakh man gets a wife by buying a woman from her father for fifteen gallons of insecticide.

Vassilenko disputes this, too: “The men propose marriage with engagement rings.” There is an old tradition—“maybe a hundred years ago,” Vassilenko said—of men kidnapping their brides, but he claims that the practice is virtually obsolete.

When Vassilenko was asked about it, he hesitated, then explained, “That’s the one where a goat, a dead goat”—a headless dead goat—“is, um, being held as a sort of a prize.

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And then one rider has it, and he has to run away with it from others who seek to catch it and snatch it from him.” And then they have a party.“Kazakhs were traditional nomads, so there are various sports like horse races.

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