Bisexual dating with heroes

03-May-2019 02:54

We save the threesomes and orgies for James Baldwin’s birthday, our highest holy day.

Basically, don’t invite any of your bi friends to anything on August 2.

These forms of erasure become internalized by many bisexual people who begin to view our sexuality as “fake” or “wrong.” As bisexual people, we get stuck in this loop of coming out over and over, trying to affirm our sexualities not just to others, but to ourselves.

The reality is that over a lifetime of being told you’re a faker, a liar, and a manipulator (all bi stereotypes), you can’t help but begin to believe some of those things.

“How that impacts the story remains to be seen with that level of representation you’ll see across our films, not in just Thor 4.” This exciting news marks a significant course correction for the MCU, which previously scrapped a scene from that would have confirmed Valkyrie’s bisexuality.

While Thompson did her part to keep the bi flag flying high at the time, Valkyrie’s sexuality was rendered the stuff of innuendo, subtext, and headcanon — also, comic book canon, but no need to digress.

"She has a few ideas." Allaying fears that we were facing another almost-but-not-quite-confirmed queer moment in the MCU, Kevin Feige went on the record with io9 to confirm Thompson’s statement.

To my partner, he was just responding to a student’s question about why we use the term "partner" with openness, as if the student were a human being.

When my partner came home from work one day on the verge of tears, I knew something was wrong.

This was a person who could have a student spend three hours trying to upset him and just laugh it off. As he explained what was bothering him, I started to feel lightheaded, my body sliding into flight, fight, or freeze mode.

After all, they have the word “sex” and “sexual” in them and people seem to jump right to that part, adding lascivious connotations in their minds along the way.

Listen, if you hear or read the word bisexual and think of threesomes and elicit orgies, I have some news for you: Most of the time, bisexual people are just busy trying to live our damn lives without being discriminated against.

What if this was their moment to believe for just a short period of time — a time before the ravages of biphobia could rip them to pieces — that they could be loved fervently and inclusively of who they were attracted to?

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