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Compared to their lesbian and gay peers, bisexuals face more instances of violence and are three times more likely to be treated violently by the police when reporting crimes.The report also noted that bisexuals have a higher likelihood of poor health outcomes than gays and lesbians.Monroe likened his bisexuality to a “revolving door” as he is always having to come out to people who often don’t believe him.“Not being well understood by straight or gay people, it’s hard to feel respected or legitimate by the world at large—and that includes gays and lesbians,” he said.“We have heard from countless community members about times they have had their bi (plus) identity passed over or invalidated, and this can be on a macro or micro level,” said Kate Estrop, president of the board of directors of the Bisexual Resource Center in Boston (BRC).Estrop defines Bi (plus) as, “an umbrella term used to describe someone who is attracted to more than one gender.BRC also co-authored a report with MAP called, “Understanding Issues Facing Bisexual Americans.” Estrop said that it’s not uncommon to see intentional omissions of bisexual people from discussions around sexual orientation.

“Bisexual characters are so rare in TV and movies, and often they’re either villains, ‘don’t like labels,’ or their bisexuality is played off as a joke.” Blonder also said that she’s been asked if her bisexuality is a phase and even told that her orientation “doesn’t matter” when she’s dating men, even if the man she’s dating is also bisexual.

speaks with bisexual people about their identities and explores the “B” in LGBTQ.

Annie D’Angelo is also a stepmother to Willie’s five other children who came from his previous relationships.… continue reading »

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Anyway, thats just mho Hug Nessai notice the chat rooms and sometimes instant messaging does not work with cell phones. and it would show by your name what you were doin'... Hug s26/Bi F & 30/M from NYC/NJ seeking an attractive bi female to become friends and maybe more. … continue reading »

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