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The emulsion was developed in Kodak Microdol and counterstained with Giemsa.Radiolabeled cells were counted as above in 100 sections.(A) Sagittal section from t PA / mouse showing elongated, presumptive migrating, granule neurons (gn) in the cell sparse molecular layer.(B) Sagittal section of an identical folia and similar lateral displacement as in A, from a t PA−/− mouse showing large numbers of elongated migratory granule neurons in the cerebellar molecular layer.Digital images of Di I fluorescently labeled migrating neurons were also collected at 20- to 30-min intervals on an inverted Zeiss 35IM microscope with a ×63 Plan-neofluar objective, a Dage CCD 72 digital camera, and National Institutes of Health The most active phase of granule neuron migration in the mouse cerebellum occurs during the second postnatal week (14, 15).Fixed tissue sections of mouse cerebella from P7, P10, P13, and P16 were examined.Although t PA expression has been shown to correlate with neuronal migration (3) and serine protease inhibitors block neuronal migration in cell culture (6, 7, 11), a direct role for t PA in neuronal migration in the brain has not been established.Therefore, when adult mice missing the t PA gene demonstrated no readily distinguishable phenotype (12), we were eager to examine their developmental neuroanatomy.

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(Bar = 50 μm.) mice show about twice as many granule cells in the molecular layer throughout the developing cerebellum in P7, P10, and P13 mice as did control mice.

Although our initial studies were performed on t PA mice and wild-type C57BL/6 mice shows a similar increase in granule cell number (Table 1).