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If you are experiencing any signs, call your doctor right away. Unfortunately the chemical imbalance plays with your emotions, you can go from extremely depressed to manic and this can cause major complications in your life and the lives of the people you love. Many people choose not to tell their co-workers about this, because unfortunately there are people who do not understand what bipolar disorder is, and it may cause friction.

The doctor will probably have you get in touch with a good psychiatrist or psychologist. Some of the signs that you may be bipolar are: one or more manic episodes which have persistent euphoria, irritability, insomnia, rapid thoughts, rapid speech, grandiosity, distractibility, accompanied by one or more major depressive episodes which are characterized by depression and loss of pleasure or indifference to most activities, usually lasting a minimum of two weeks. Manic Depression is an older term for what is now more commonly called Bipolar Disorder. In the extreme, it can endanger your well-being and your life. People who love you, like family and friends, will probably know.

Sonne, Pharm D, is a research assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and clinical assistant professor of pharmacy practice, and Kathleen T. Bipolar disorder and alcoholism commonly co–occur. Multiple explanations for the relationship between these conditions have been proposed, but this relationship remains poorly understood. This comorbidity also has implications for diagnosis and treatment.

D., is a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, both at the Medical University of South Carolina, Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs, Charleston, South Carolina.

Please keep in mind that everyone's situation is different.

Never let a bipolar label overshadow who you are as an individual.

This is when a person will have a mood swing, but instead of the mood staying for a longer time, their mood swings back. To a certain extent, having suicidal thoughts (also called suicidal ideation) is a part of being bipolar.

While we feel extreme compassion and empathy toward people who are experiencing thoughts of suicide, we are not in a position as an online community to attend to needs of that nature.

We strongly encourage anyone in that situation to immediately contact support people and/or crisis intervention services in their home community.

The Harbor of Refuge seeks to foster support, interaction, learning, mindful expression, and mindful listening among its peers.

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Friends and loved ones of those with bipolar disorder are also more than welcome.

This also means you have joined thousands of other bipolars. You have family, friends, and doctors there to help you. Call your doctor before you go off or take any more medication. I WAS TOLD BY MY FAMILY DOCTOR TO SEE A PSYCHIATRIST. If you would like an occasional drink, talk to your doctor first. There are a lot of alternatives as well as decaffeinated drinks on the market. You will find that you are doing other strange things but the most obvious is the money.

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