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My father taught me to box after that day.""[I prefer] Film these days, however the stage gave me my start and I still love to perform in front of a live audience.""I have a recording studio in my apartment and my roommate is a singer, so we make music together.""It's not exactly that I can't stay in one place. Have you had any memorable/strange fan encounters yet?It's that if I'm in one place, I have to rearrange it every four to six months! ""When I'm not acting, I'm working on music, writing and recording.""I couldn't do without my guitar, Annabelle. Breakfast while dressing, then to hair and make-up, then back to the trailer to see how long I can read or play guitar until they call me to set. I've been so impressed by the commitment of the "Twi-hards" to visit the set.I live during the night.""When I was in elementary school, I was picked on by this kid a year older every morning at the bus stop.

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(That's just the teaser.)What's the best thing about being a 'vampire'? I would love to visit as soon as I can get the time off. If roles were reversed, how do you think Jasper would have approached Alice? He would watch her from afar, basking in her beauty, trying to summon the nerve to approach such a radiant creature; his hands have always been steady in war, and she makes them tremble for the first time- he'd be nervous and very polite. Stan saves my butt a few times and cleans up the prison, making all the inmates get along, but the Warden won't have it. Do you have a particular genre of music or books you are drawn to? The fan-site creators are incredibly talented, the layouts are outstanding and I'm proud to be thus represented and honored by their work. I couldn't act without an audience and I couldn't have a better audience than my fans. Wouldn’t you like to help others and prevent the people who cheated on you or tried to steal your husband and wife from doing it again?