Beautiful columbian dating photo woman

16-Apr-2019 14:25

A Vancouver woman who was bilked out of about 0,000 in a romance scam types on a computer.

The woman has asked not to be identified because her case has not been solved.

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Carl said he was a 66-year-old Swedish-American who had grown up in California and was working overseas as an oil procurer. An accent doesn’t mean he or she is a swindler, said Ann Flaherty of Elder Angels Inc.

Flaherty tried to locate Carl, which is not the fraudster’s real name, by tracing emails and linking up phone numbers, but she wasn’t able to unmask him.

She also tried to find more victims who could help the case reach the FBI’s threshold for investigation.

“It sounds cynical, but there is almost no good that can come from it.” Carl asked for money to be delivered through Western Union and Money Gram, which is nearly impossible to trace, Flaherty said.

The relationship with Carl moved rapidly, a sign of a possible scam, Flaherty said.

But romance scams often are committed abroad by well-organized rings, she said.