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How do the russians tolerate such MONSTERS in great nation?

— * A HISTORICAL LIE: THE STONE AGE THE "POLISHED STONE" DECEPTION The most striking stonework has survived down to the present day in ar- chaeological remains.

Technical infrastructure is essential to accurately cut stones as hard as granite and make patterns on their surface.

Many stone implements remain sharp and bright, reflecting from accurate cutting and shaping.

For this 550,000-year-old stone hand-axe to have been cut and shaped so accurately other tools made out of even harder metals such as Iron or steel must have been employed.

that dinosaurs grew wings and thus started to fly by trying to catch them.

The way evolutionist scientists describe the era they came from as the "Polished Stone Age" is completely unscientific.

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He then invites his readers to consider the traditional attributes of the so-called human evolution: cooking and campfires, dark caves, rites, tool-making, aging, struggle and death.

In order to be able to give stone such a detailed and regular shape, powerful steel tools generally need to be employed.

He was born to aaron benward and kenda benward may 12, 1995.… continue reading »

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