Avonte from tough love dating athlete hayley norman dating

30-Aug-2019 05:13

But, I am proud of her, because she definitely learned something from the show..

Also known as "Miss Double Standard." Not quite sure why lol..

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However, she was hesitating because she was still in love with her ex boyfriend with whom she was still intimate with..Yet, she admitted she was "dating" an athlete who also lives in a different state..It seems to me that she's settling back into her old ways..I thought it was weird that on the reunion, she was the only one that they didn't really talk to about her current relationship status.. Also known as "Miss Superficial." While in boot camp, she met George..

Well, she's still with George even though she lives in LA and he's in Miami..

However, during the reunion she admitted that they are no longer together, because he's "nuts." She also has a new boyfriend and she thinks she's in love..