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26-Aug-2019 00:13

They may say “I love you” sparingly or without much feeling.10) Lots of conditions They may have rigid rules, find it difficult to be flexible, or let you know that certain things such as their job, freedom, or family of origin are higher priorities than you and your relationship.They may say one thing but do another, such as telling you they want to spend more time together but then cramming their schedule with other commitments.8) Secretive Avoidant partners often prefer to make decisions on their own — even decisions that affect you.In a crisis, they often put up walls and want to handle things on their own.

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Here are 16 characteristics to look for that can help you recognize avoidant or unavailable partners: 1) Commitment shy Avoidant partners may avoid making long-term plans or talking about the future of your relationship.Intimate relationships require balancing closeness and distance, interdependence and autonomy.

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