Autocad xref layers not updating

10-Jul-2019 02:25

But since some of their layer colors have been “overridden” meaning that someone changed the color from “BYLAYER” to something else.It is difficult to get the desired result for your drawing without having to open their drawing…I have a Drawing with xref's I want to change one of the xref's to be color #8.I open the base drawing change the color to be #8 (All objects are color by layer) I save the drawing and open the drawing containing the revised xref and it's original coler remains it does not change to color #8.???

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Thanks to Auto CAD team member Tao Zheng for the heads up tip on this new addition to Auto CAD 2016.

Your electrical content is hard to differentiate from the other discipline’s.

If the other disciplines used their layers “BYLAYER” you could easily change how they display in your drawing.

Reference drawing layers can be modified in the parent drawing and changes to color, linetype, and other properties are maintained as long as the system variable Visretain is set to 1.

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If you want to restore the layer properties from the child drawings, you can set Visretain to 0 and reload the reference.

A good question was posted in the comments and so I am adding the response from Auto CAD UX Team member Karen Mason.

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