Assessment canadian coorindating health office technology

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Final listing decision is made by Québec’s Minister of Health.» TO TOP The Common Drug Review (CDR) process (all provinces except Quebec) Until 2002, separate submissions for formulary listing were made to each regional health plan. However, all economic evaluations had to comply with either the Ontario economic guidelines3 or those developed under the auspices of the Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment (CCOHTA, now CADTH) in 1994.Quebec’s public drug plan requires separate formulary submissions, independent of CDR or p CODR.In addition, the province of Ontario has established a Rapid Review Process that is independent of the CDR Process.

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Health Canada releases a formal marketing and distribution authorization (Notice of Compliance [NOC]) if the new drug’s profile conforms to the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations.The goal of the CDR is to provide participating drug plans with formulary listing recommendations based on a consistent, scientifically rigorous, evidence-based review. A review of each product submission is performed by internal reviewers (CDR staff) and external clinical and health economic experts, and sent to the manufacturer for comment.