Asperger disorder dating marriage

25-Jul-2019 11:03

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Just learned about Cassandra Affective Disorder, and it really fits me Cassandra syndrome is when the NT spouse knows something is different about their spouse and their relationship - but no one believes her (it's usually a NT wife) that her relationship is unlike other relationships - including therapists, who may try techniques that may work in a NT-NT marriage but are not effective in a AP-NT marriage - so she starts to develop anxiety, depression, and/or addictions (among others).

Often people with Aspergers have a topic of special interest that they spend a lot of time thinking about and talking about. But then you get married, and he moves on to another interest and hardly thinks about his wife and family at all.

I don't actually know how to improve a relationship -- as I said, I'm getting divorced.

But the art therapy helped me feel better about myself.

If I had to list the top 3 things my son enjoys, they would be: 1. Courtesy Autism Hangout read more Michelle Garcia Winner The goal in diagnosing developmental learning challenges is to identify one or more types of treatment that, when applied across time, lead to an improved outcome for the student.

Water So chances of finding us at a pool in summer is always higher than at home. Tony Attwood responds to questions regarding how people with AS recognize and identify emotional feelings.

my spouse treats the word "autism" like it's a dirty word, we're not allowed to even say it.

I am so nervous about the damaging effect it will have on my son when he finds out why his parents got divorced.

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Just saying, you have described our situation well. (after 13 years of marriage.) I feel like I can't leave, because my son also has it and I don't want to think he isn't lovable. I stayed home with the kids, and had a life-threatening illness, so at the moment have very little income potential.

I'm married to a man with Aspergers (and he acknowledges that he has it). I'm not in a good place to leave, and anyway, I'd much rather make things work with my husband. But I'm at loose ends, and I don't like what is becoming of me.

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