Asian parents interracial dating

09-Apr-2019 14:32

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The question might be surprising, even shocking, in a day and age where judgements are supposedly no longer based on race (we can discuss whether Alice: It might feel that way sometimes, but I think for the most part, the core of the matter has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with the importance of family and the desire of our immigrant parents to communicate with their in-laws.

It’s not just the English language gap, but also differences in expectations and behaviors.

The Asian culture is one of the oldest in the world and so with it comes many traditions.

We’ve been looking at the traditional beauty rituals which have been passed down through grandparents from generation to generation.

If you’ve got a date coming up, try mixing it with milk and dab under the eyes, then say goodbye to wrinkles!

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My family would probably be alright with Hispanics, both racially and culturally, given that Hispanics often share many of our own family-oriented values; although, if my boyfriend or fiancé were a strict Catholic, that could again pose problems due to the strong religious differences.

Forget premium skin care and head to the dairy aisle.

Gram flour is an old fashioned, staple cooking food in Asian culture but also one of the best body exfoliates.

Unfortunately, my family would have more concerns were I to date an African American.

Here, I believe the trigger for disapproval would be related to both cultural differences and race.

Turmeric is widely known for its beauty benefits, particularly for leaving a natural glow to the skin and getting rid of small pesky spots.