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06-Mar-2019 23:48

The iron interacted with the glaze during firing and coloured it.and abandoned in 873, have uncovered many fragments of Tang wares of all kinds.Although the unglazed specimen or those covered only with the straw-coloured glaze are occasionally modeled superbly, many are crude and apparently made for the tombs of the less affluent and influential.Most of the glazed figures are much better in quality and occasionally reach a large size; figures of the Bactrian camel, for instance, are particularly impressive, some being nearly three feet (one metre) high.Dappled glazes are also found on the magnificent series of tomb figures with which this period is particularly associated.Similar figures were made in unglazed earthenware and were sometimes decorated with cold pigment.The ceramic material related to Southeast Asia in the Freer Gallery of Art is divided among two collections.The Permanent Collection consists of the objects that can be displayed in the museum's galleries, while the Study Collection contains potsherds, kiln wasters, and complete pieces of lesser quality.

John Pope, director of the Freer Gallery from 1962 to 1971, made a concerted effort to assemble sherds, wasters, and kiln tools for use in study and technical analysis by the museum's Department of Conservation and Scientific Research and by other scholars. Pope was one of some three dozen donors to the Study Collection.It is difficult to give much practical assistance on the question of Chinese marks.

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