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Now, Matt along with his brother Jeff now their own Myspace, along with other wrestlers such as Helms, Ashley Massaro and Mercury.

The Hardyz would soon gain Terri Runnels as their manager when Gangrel was dropped. The Hardyz would later face Edge and Christian again, but with the Dudley Boyz, Buubba Ray Dudley ('Mark Lamonica') and D-Von Dudley (Devon Hughes).

John walks away, because he doesn't wanna deal the crap. Trish scrambled over to the corner John was in and tagged him in. John got up off the sofa and walked over to his best friend. I'm gonna meet up with her in the catering room in a bit," John said. He got up off the sofa and walked over to the door. He knew it was a crew member telling him that his segment with Trish was up.

I get all mad about it and tell Mickie to back off. Edge smiled as he was about to do something to Trish. Randy and John did their hand shake."What's going on, man? Just got here about ten minutes ago," John said."Really. John answered the door and he was right."We're ready for you, John," The crew member said.

Chapter 1"So explain this situation to me again," Ashley Massaro said to Trish Stratus. Trish was shopping at the mall with Torrie, and Ashley. " A teenage girl who looked to be sixteen or seventeen asked."Sure," John said. Jennifer had a January issue of Raw for John and Trish to sign. You and Randy just enjoy your time together," Stacy said. Just seeing him makes me think of John," Trish said."Why? They were questioning her motives."Trish, you have got to let what happened between you and all your exes go! Deep in her heart and soul she wanted to be with John. She knew John must have been hurt and lost without her or something like that. John was helping Trish to the Women's Locker Room."Thanks for coming to my aide," Trish said."No problem," John said shrugging. John had shown Trish that he knew exactly what he was doing when he had sex with her. But you can always kiss my lips forever," Trish said."Oh, I plan on it," John said. You get your own personal life," Trish said."I'll say my personal life got better when you came into it," John said. "Has anybody ever told you you're the sweetest guy ever? "But how wonderful life is now you're in the world,"Trish smiled. " Dan asked."Four and three," Trish said."Does your sister know if she's having a boy or a girl? That's definitely a keeper," Matt said."Yup," Dan and Boog said in agreement. " Veronica asked."No," Trish said."Well, I know I found out about Dan's serious girlfriends from Matt, Boog, and John," Veronica said."Yeah, I wasn't too happy about that," Dan said."Then don't tell me John's," Trish said."Well, we'll give you a number," Boog said."I know of one," Trish said."One of his serious girlfriends? If only she would have known."So John had his sight on me since then too? Cena said."But he dated other girls every now and then. I don't know exactly when she'll be back with the WWE. Kaley climbed off Veronica's lap and walked to the front door with Dan. It was nice meeting you," Veronica said hugging Trish."Thanks, you too," Trish said. She then went up to John and hugged him."You take care of yourself now, Veronica," John said."I will," Veronica said. Everyone smiled at each other."All right, that's our cue to go now. Boog was the only one of the sons other than John that still lived at home with John's dad.

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Trish Stratus chuckled as she got ready for her tag match that evening. Their friends Torrie Wilson-Gruner and Lisa Marie Varon walked into the locker room all the sudden. Explain what the deal is with this tag match you have," Torrie said."Really girl," Lisa Marie said. The referee got into the ring and went for the count. Trish turned to a picture in the magazine of her for a Divas' Lingerie preview. They have always wanted you two to get in a storyline together," Jennifer said."Well, they got their wish, because there will be more with us on the upcoming Raws, which will lead up to Wrestle Mania 22," Trish said."Cool. " Ashley asked."Because not all my relationships with superstars last. Trish needed to talk to John and tell him that they couldn't see each other anymore. John walked over to Torrie and Lisa Marie and started to socialize with them."Matt, my man, can we have a few words? The only person worth her time is John and you're not worth Ashley's," Randy said. It's not worth it," Trish said."Fine, if that's the way you feel, then that's way you feel. You need to be happy and I thinking being with John will do that for you," Lisa Marie said. "No, I'm saving myself from getting my heart broken. I'm gonna waste my time on being with John and then him suddenly dumping me a few months later," Trish said. Meanwhile, in John's locker room, he was getting ready for his little segment with Trish for their storyline. During the match there was some interference by Lita. "I wasn't just gonna let the hottest and sexiest Raw divas get hurt."Trish smiled. But in the midst of that, Trish told John that she loved him too. Trish suddenly felt John's arms tighten around her and John kissing her cheek. John then kissed Trish again, but they were pecks on the lips."Will you do something for me, John? "Oh, you quoted one of my favorite movies, ," Trish said."I know, we watched it last week and you told me it was your favorite movie," John said."Yes, but you're my most favorite person," Trish said."I should hope so since you're my favorite person," John said."Oh really? " Veronica asked."A girl," Trish said."Oh, your sister's gonna have a girl and bring a little sister into the mix for your nephews. The three backed away and sat back down where they had been before."What the heck was that all about? The three brothers looked at each other."Well, you'll be happy to know, Trish, that you're definitely a keeper for John," Dan said."And how's that? I think you know what he had a fair share of too," Matt said."Fair share of what? Everyone knew that meant a fair share of one night stands. But all I know is she'll be traveling the road again a little while after the show ends," John said."So she'll be back traveling and making appearances? "I know both her and Randy will be happier when she's back on the road.""I know Torrie and I will be glad when she's back on the road. John's brothers looked at it."Whoever's answering is paying," Dan said."Yeah, I said it was being paid cash," John said. Boog and Matt remained sitting where they were sitting. John leaned forward and reached for something on the table. "Stupid lazy ass bastards," John said as threw the pen at Boog and Matt."Yo, man," Boog said. Trish and Veronica gave a giggle."All right, people you want food come get it," Dan yelled. Everyone got their food and went into the dinning room to eat. We'll see you all later," Veronica said."Bye," Everyone said. I tell her that she really is psycho and just to back off. Trish was out of it as she looked over and saw Edge was in the ring.