Arma 2 updating version 1 01 to version 1 06

10-Jun-2019 05:12

arma 2 updating version 1 01 to version 1 06-2

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If you have an existing database and file that were created before V7.1.8 or V8.1.2, then V7.1.8, V8.1.2, and V8.1.3 clients and the Operations Center are unable to connect to a V7.1.8 , V8.1.2, or V8.1.3 server.

When you upgrade a server to V7.1.8 or later V7 levels, V8.1.2, or V8.1.3, you must manually change the default certificate on the server and reconfigure existing clients to use the cert256certificate.

Library clients and library manager servers automatically use SSL to communicate with storage agents that use V7.1.8 or later software or V8.1.2 or later software, but you must manually configure the certificates between them.

Beginning with V8.1.3, a storage agent automatically exchanges certificates with its database server.

To avoid these restrictions and take advantage of the latest security enhancements, update all servers and backup-archive clients in your environment to the latest version.

For the latest version of the backup-archive client, see IBM Spectrum Protect™ Client 8.1.7 Downloads and READMEs.

This connection causes messages ANR8583E and ANR8599W to appear in the log just once per server, before a certificate exchange takes place.

For instructions, see Configuring storage agents, servers, clients, and the Operations Center to connect to the server by using SSL.

The latest version of i Tunes now comes installed with mac OS Mojave.

For instructions, see Configuring a storage agent to use SSL.

To resolve the issue, complete one of the following procedures: · For Linux and AIX systems, enable the shared memory communications protocol on the server and configure database backups to use shared memory.

idea has been acknowledged, the fast forward /rewind suggestion in that idea has been implemented it seems via an idea soley about that.

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