Are mars argo and titanic sinclair dating

07-Jun-2019 14:13

Sinclair was born on 12 February 1987, in Saginaw, Michigan as a Corey Michael Mixter.

He was born as a son to the father Richard Mixter and mother Sheila Moloney Mixter. Corey has an older sister Jamie Mixter Wren and younger brother Alexander Scott Mixter.

After their breakup, same year Poppy came into the picture.

Many people made speculations that the partner might be dating.

After that, People made the opinion of their relations into siblings love.

There are two parts of the lawsuit which is crucial to understand.In 2008, he met Brittany Sheets known as Mars Argo on My Space.The Duo moved to Chicago and created a Youtube Channel named “GROCERYBAG. Then Mixture adopted the pseudonym Titanic Sinclair at that time.Together they have worked in various Poppy projects.

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The duo has worked in over 100 videos which have gained instant hits.

His collaborated Youtube channel has also garnered massive subscribers over millions.