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19-May-2019 06:20

When the best of both signs is blended together, Aquarius and Cancer compatibility can be good.Although not a straightforward match, then, the chances for this relationship to succeed long term are cautiously optimistic.It’s not the most obvious match, but let’s dig a little deeper.

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For Cancer, on the other hand, love is an instinctive gut reaction.What is Aquarius and Cancer compatibility based on?Both signs are exceptionally caring, and it’s this shared compassion which may well draw them together in the first place.Aquarius and Cancer compatibility is first and foremost about a fairly selfless union, with neither partner demanding a selfish amount of attention.

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Where the relationship could run into major issues is over Cancer’s possessive streak versus Aquarius’ absolute and total need for independence.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, and will always take action in pursuit of their goals.

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