Antigen not updating

07-Jun-2019 12:01

It features “120 optional plugins” and just as many themes for your beloved shell.

It has a great default library that turns on a lot of great zsh features that make it better for new users.

If you are familiar with Vundle, then Antigen will make complete sense.

Here’s what I currently have in my .zshrc for the plugins that I use: This setup makes it trivial to find new plugins and add them to your setup.

It allows you to run various commands such as updating all the plugins, clean up unused plugins, and more.

The configuration is super simple and it addresses all of the issues with oh-my-zsh.

Each change becomes two commits (one for the change, one for the submodule reference), and it is very easy to forget to push a submodule change while updating the reference in the main repository.

Vundle was inspired by Pathogen which was the first plugin manager for Vim.

Thus this is the reason Antigen is named after an Immunology term.

Essentially what you do is list plugins in your and it will automatically download them.

Let’s take a better look at the issues that oh-my-zsh has.

Using version control for something as volatile as plugins is a bit strange.

In fact, all of this is mentioned in the Motivation section of the README.

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