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But it does mean you could do some gardening without gasping for breath or being worn out for days.

The body is designed to move for five to six hours a day and sit still for one or two.Wish I had a pic from September when I started cleaning up my diet but I think the results […] “Tribe – a short piece to conclude my reflections and achievements on this program. Like to say I have lost 7kg over the four weeks coming down from 86.something kg’s and am looking a lot trimmer.Not sure if this is what AR asks for, but I jet off to Bali tomorrow for a week of decompression, yoga, surfing, reading and most importantly digital detox, so won’t see or action any final tasks. What I loved most about […] “I wanted to also share my final results.You don’t have to become one of those people who tells stories about when they used to be fit "until their back went out a few years ago".

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Being fit doesn’t necessarily mean you could run a marathon.

Conditioning plays just as big a part in your lifelong health as strength does.