Andrej pejic dating remy duran

03-Jun-2019 19:10

Melbourne model Andrej Pejic was recently forced to issue a denial of rumours that he had married his boyfriend, streetwear designer Rembrandt Duran, in Nevada. He’s decent at best and nothing more than a Trade Jump-Off. Her ex-boyfriend was beautiful (a model) and Rembrandt has got to be the biggest downgrade in history.The fact that same-sex marriage is still illegal in the state should have been a tip-off that the gossips had missed the mark as Andrej, despite his stunning looks, is still very much a man. But he has no real career and can follow Andrej everywhere (and DOES), so that’s the appeal for her.Pejic is currently enjoying an extended stay in the fashion limelight (he stars in the latest Bowie video) but his bewitching feminine beauty is confounding, especially as he is not (to my knowledge) transgender and not even ‘androgynous’ (as he is often described) but simply a classical feminine beauty. It doesn’t stop her from having her fun, and like all Jump-Offs, Remy puts up with it.If Rembrandt Duran stopped making stupid faces in all his pics he might be a bit more than decent.

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From what I know he’s not trying to become a woman and despite possibly identifying as one, he doesn’t really care what pronoun people use (as seen in his response to a fan saying that MTV used the she when announcing his colab for his shirts).They could have been playing coy, it’s hard to tell in text… I’m not sure if he truly worships Andrej though as I don’t know either of them personally.