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Lillian "Lilly" Truscott (portrayed by Emily Osmet) is the best friend of Miley Stewart and girlfriend to Oliver Oken.Under the alter ego Lola Luftnagle, she is also close friends with Hannah Montana and part of her entourage.In Season 3, Lilly is seen in a lot of episodes to be wearing a gold heart necklace.

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She is considered a tomboy in the beginning of the series but developed a "girly girl" side as the show progressed. Goode, she says she takes piano lessons on Wednesdays, but has never been seen playing Lilly and Miley have a close friendship (Milly Friendship) that can sometimes be thought of as romantic (Milly Relationship).😉.” That gives us some hope for the two in season two, if the series should be renewed.Showrunner Carina Adly Mackenzie also spoke to about Malex’s future in the show.Since then, Lilly has continued calling her character Luftnagle.

Lilly claims that Lola is "the daughter of oil baron Rudolph Luftnagle, sister of socialites Bunny and Kiki Luftnagle." Lola wears very tight clothes that have loud colors.I’m very excited to see Michael and Alex evolve as men and even as friends and maybe fall back in love, in a way that could be a little less painful.” I know you guys are pissed about the way #malex ended off in the finale. — Tyler Blackburn (@tylerjblackburn) April 24, 2019 But also, there is so much more story to tell! I know @cadlymack, @Michael Vlamis and I won’t do you too wrong!