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28-Jul-2019 10:46

Some of them had been on an airplane for five hours. And I guess that leads me to what we’ve all learned, which is that right now we’re very focused on being a team, and everyone contributing, and putting something in this pot that ends up being the Alphabeat menu.

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Apart from working with Alphabeat, Stine has also been involved as a featured artist in singles from Morten Hampenberg & Alexander Brown and the rock band Carpark North.

‘Shadows’ follows the band’s third record, ‘Express Non-Stop’ (2012).

The band are perhaps best known for their singles ‘Fascination’, ‘Boyfriend’, and ‘10,000 Nights of Thunder’, which featured on their 2007 debut self-titled album.

The 'Fascination' pop troupe is back Alphabeat are back from a six-year hiatus with brand new song called ‘Shadows’.

alphabeat lead singers dating-25

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The Danish pop outfit shared the video for their new single yesterday (February 28) with accompanying colourful visuals – watch below.Popdose’s resident Alphabeat fan boy chatted with Bramsen about conquering America, and the importance of making sure the world knows that your pop band was not created in a boardroom. South by Southwest was fun, and intense, and rowdy, and everything at once. We were really nervous for the first time in many, many years, which was also a good feeling. We did have our own show in New York, I think it was the same week as when we went to South by [Southwest] last time.