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And when I was in Kazan with my concert, I decided to make a tattoo to remember that.And because I was in Russia, I felt like I should make my tattoo in Russian. I play indie-music, so I don’t have a large amount of fans as pop singers do.Interviewer: LP, your birth name is Laura, but it’s said you don’t like it. Of course, I love my parents and respect their choice, but I’ve been called LP for a very long time, so my own name has become like the name of a stranger. Even people in Moscow are like Americans in New York. It’s just that when parents give you a name, they don’t know you as a person, and the name may not suit you afterwards. I: It isn’t your first time in Moscow and Russia at all. LP: Moscow is like my hometown, New York, so yeah I think that I could live here.The Social Networks segment includes its two other social networks, OK and My World.The Online Games segment offers online gaming services, including multiplayer online, social, and mobile games.He was bragging that he had collected and was going to give away a large number of stolen credentials that amounted to 1.17 billion records.

And then, it is not necessary to focus on gender, people should be able to love regardless of anything. I have been a blogger for a long time, but more in a royal field.

The Email, Portal and IM segment includes email, instant messaging, and portal.

The Vkontakte segment comprises of its social network Vkontakte (

I: You wrote songs for Rihanna, Cher and other superstars. The story of a singer Sia and yours are so similar. I’ve already tried to start my own career, but being a singer always means being under some kind of clichés. For a week only two or three people can come up to me on the street, so I have a chance to live peacefully.

It’s like a beautiful image of a person in a dress. I: Which superstars became your friends after you’ve worked together? I liked working with them, but friendships didn’t work out with anyone. And when my fans come up to me and say how much they love my songs, it’s a pleasure for me.It helps you to write music in some way, but when you are forced to feel such kind of emotions that break your heart, over and over again…