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I could care less what James Spader, or anyone else who is or might be gay, looks like. I met him a few month ago, and I could not believe he was the same person.Of course, I realize gay men are overly obsessed with looks, but being gay doesn't mean a man has to be an Adonis or a woman has to be a goddess! Total video game playing, straight boy, couch potato. R30 I did a bit of research after reading about it in the Jim Parsons threads.Johnny Weir did allude to Lysacek being gay in an interview."Esther Williams outed Jeff Chandler in her autobiography." Correct me if I'm wrong..didn't she just say he liked to wear women's clothes? She didn't know she was outing Richard though, they were friends and she thought everyone knew. Simon and Ryan have both bantered back and forth, implying that the other is gay, making it sound like a horrible thing in the process. Evan Dando a musician who lived with Johnny Depp in the 80's called their house the 'the Big Gay House' in an interview.Everyone does know, but he's never officially said it. It's disgusting given the number of teens watching the show. Admittedly though, it was said in jest and not much people even know this comment was said and even fewer people think Johnny Depp is gay, so I guess that really doesn't qualify as an 'outing' someone. Here's the only picture I have seen of them together. Simon and Ryan have both been rumored by more than a few gossip mavens as well as performers such as Kathy Griffin and Teri Hatcher to be each other's lover.

And just this week he was at the New Now Next awards holding hands with a guy I assume is his boyfriend.

Jude Law basically outed Hayden Christensen a few years ago when he was asked about the tablois rumors about Hayden and Sienna Miller; Law said "Hayden is more likely to be interested in me than Sienna". Well, that could explain his very plain looking wife.

What about James Spader, his wife was also very plain homely looking, not sure if he's still married to her, but I do remember being very shocked when I finally saw what his wife looked like.

They are obviously strong-armed by Fox into the gay bantering in order to distance themselves from the career damaging rumors.

It is understandable that out performers such as George might make disparaging remarks about closeted queens whose careers are thriving.

Moreover, he is a massive supporter of the philanthropist efforts of the LGBT community and LGBT youth.