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17-Jun-2019 11:56

We believe that by dating someone in the same line of work or with mutual interests, you have a better chance of succeeding in your dating quest.

Many studies show that people with similar interests stay together longer.

And I'm sure the delayed release has nothing to do with Logan Paul's behavior, they just tried to sell a horrible movie to a releasing company.

So the it feels like a 80 minute vine: it's boring after 6 seconds.

All the gags are referencing to 2016 stuff, when vine was still around.

Both Delta and Coca-Cola apologized after a marketing campaign that encouraged passengers to give their numbers to their "plane crushes" on napkins prompted a debate on whether it was creepy or harmless.

Delta and Coca-Cola are apologizing after a marketing campaign that encouraged passengers to flirt with each other during flights prompted strong reactions from people on the internet.

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Passengers on some Delta flights received a napkin that asked them to write down their phone numbers and pass it along to their "plane crush" because "you're on a plane full of interesting people and hey..never know."The napkins have since sparked a furious debate between people who are offended by the napkins and people who are offended by those who were offended by the napkins.