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Below-the-Zone promotions are rare, and generally occur one year in advance of the normal promotion schedule.This is limited to 10% of the force, but in practice is often less. Above-the-Zone promotions occur after and officer has initially been passed over for promotion more than once.This is an administrative rating that impacts the officer’s pay and some other factors, such as BAH and household shipping allowances.Company grade Officers are those officers of grades Second Lieutenant (O-1) to Captain (O-3).General Officers are responsible for setting policy, requisitioning funds, and enabling their service to fulfill their role in the joint mission.General Officer Duties & Requirements (examples): Promotion through the General Officer Ranks: Colonels eligible for promotion to Brigadier General are screened by a promotion board consisting of general officers from their branch of service.They also serve as Commanders and heads of staff in a variety of positions throughout the Air Force, joint military environments, and various agencies.

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Officer ranks are the same in the USAF, US Army, and US Marines.

It is not uncommon for some 2LTs to change offices every few months to gain familiarity with their career field and learn operations.

By the time officers become a 1st Lt, they are generally well-versed in their AFSC, though they may still be going through their required upgrade and on the Job Training (OJT).

Lieutenant Colonels often serve as Squadron and Group Commanders, Staff at Wing level or Higher Headquarters, Director of Operations, and other advanced positions.

Colonels can hold many of the same positions as Lt Cols, but usually in a more advanced or larger environment, up to a Wing Commander.The General of the Air Force, O-11, is a special appointment that is only made in time of war.