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10-Aug-2019 23:08

Download available PHP-FUSION v7.02.03 In the v7.01.04 and maybe lower the php-fusion team still used md5() hashed to encrypt the user_passoword, but in version 7.02.01 and over the encryption was updated for use of more secured hashes.. The php files that we need to create are the following: In the folder “/inc/cmses” create “fusion7_02_03CMS.php” will use this higher version because I created the script thinking in this specific version..Now that will do it, Install the chat as usual, when the integration page come up , chose to install PHP fusion V7.02.03. addpollpreview&thispath', '/addpostnewpoll.php? addpollpreview&thispath/ubbthreads/', '/addpostnewpoll.php? addpollpreview&thispathubbthreads', '/admcfgedit.php', '/admin.php? thispath./includes&config[path]', '/admin/inc/changeaction.php? basepath', 'allauthuserfile.txt', 'allcdkey.txt', 'allcontrol/multiview', '', 'allexchange/logon.asp', 'allforums.html', 'allihm.php? nameallmyguests', 'all/osticket/', 'all4n', 'all Network Camera Network Camera', 'all Welcometothe Cyclades', 'all\Testpagefor Apache Installation', 'alladmin.php', 'alladminmdb', 'allapplication.php?

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