Adults with cri du chat

30-Mar-2019 02:19

Babies with Cri Du Chat syndrome will unfortunately, develop slowly mentally and have wide set eyes.

Constipation and dribbling are physical signs that the baby may have Cri Du Chat or another form of mental retardation.

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A wide range of things can go wrong, but sometimes babies with Cri Du Chat syndrome only exhibit a few symptoms.

These will also help determine how severe the disorder is.

Treatment is difficult because there isn’t a real medication or surgery that can be performed to decrease the condition.

The lucky ones are born with minimal physical defects, while some are born with severe defects that will affect the quality of life for the child. A doctor can often tell as soon as the baby is born that it has a genetic disorder or mental retardation.

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Genetic testing and x-rays on the skull can confirm the condition.Distinguished facial expressions may become more obvious, such as drooling and slurring when speaking.

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