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Essentially, the presence of sugar in your brain is considered normal, and its absence leads to the feeling of craving and the initiation of hunting or foraging behaviors, such as seeking out a vending machine for some cupcakes or a candy bar.Once inside the brain, sugar is also used to produce a very important neurotransmitter chemical call acetylcholine.So, tomorrow morning do not fight the urge to stop for coffee and donuts. Now please go back and read the first sentence again.© Gary L. However, as far as for the production of energy and neurotransmission, for 99% of us, the critical nutrient is glucose.I would predict that anyone who pays close attention to their diet, such as you must need to do to maintain a ketogenic(ish) diet, will likely report positive results. Most mornings I run, or do other vigorous exercise, for about an hour in a fasted state.

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Human adaptability, as I'm sure I hardly have to point out to you, extends over a pretty wide range, as our evolutionary history shows, and consequently I suspect that many current diet-linked shibboleths - like the all-too-common complaint of "low blood sugar" - are essentially artefacts of habituation to modern patterns of more-or-less constant grazing, rather than hardcore truths about human functioning.Sometimes, what our brain wants is not always good for our bodies. It is early morning and you're driving to work after a nice breakfast of black coffee and two eggs, easy-over, with bacon.Yet, you're still hungry and having difficulty paying attention to the traffic. Your brain is not cooperating because it is not satisfied with that breakfast because it lacked one critical ingredient that your brain urgently needs, sugar.Would a morning donut improve the situation in any way, do you think? However, the real point of my post, and my question about the donut - which I'm sure you realised was somewhat tongue-in-cheek - was to query apparently hard-and-fast principles that purportedly link the ingestion of various dietary constituents to gross, short-term physiological and psychological outcomes.

My own experience, and that of others following similar regimes, indicates that even abstaining from food entirely, at least for the sort of durations mentioned, does not hamper - and may even aid - optimal physiological and psychological functioning.

You have been fasting since dinner last night and your blood levels of sugar have fallen to very low levels.

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