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24-May-2019 12:30

My daughter was very straightforward with what she was doing, and the role she was assuming, so, I reluctantly let her continue. Although we let her continue, my parenting alarms kept telling me that something wasn’t right about letting our daughter assume a role of somebody that she wasn’t.Quickly, my warning alarms wouldn’t allow it any longer.Many children have Instagram accounts that are under the age of thirteen.Creating an Instagram account only takes a few steps which include a valid email address and a few questions.Children need to be thirteen years of age to sign up for an Instagram account.I am no longer allowing my daughter to have an Instagram account.While observing her activity on Instagram, it all seemed very innocent.She and her friends post pictures, like one another’s photos and make the odd comment to one another.

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We explained to our daughter, how dangerous the online world can be.

Many of her peers are on Instagram, a couple of cousins, and her parents, so we decided it would be o.k for her as well.