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And that’s the case with Watertown’s Bramble Park Zoo.Go and check out Bramble Park’s facilities, and you’ll see why Miller hangs with the big wigs.

He donated a huge percentage of his earnings directly to the center in the years before his death, resulting in a multi-million-dollar experience for everyone, right in his hometown.One of the best stops on the list is Glacial Lakes Distillery, and if you’re willing, they’ll mix you the smoothest cosmo of your life. Because it’s all small-batch, visitors may eventually be able to come in and craft their own.High Plains grains, glacial water, and hand-mixed batches make this South Dakota liquor something special. Fingers crossed that DIY will eventually mean “Distill It Yourself.” With the craft beer movement taking the entire country by storm, the challenge to make a quality product that stands out from the rest is a big one.Al Capone used the railroad in Watertown for his “businesses” and bootleggers took advantage of the city’s underground steam heat tunnels during Prohibition — tunnels that still exist today.

The past may need a bit more uncovering — the bootlegger trail is in the process of becoming official — but the highlights are there. Every ounce is hand-crafted into small batches and every bottle is filled and labeled by hand.Dempsey’s, despite the accolades, is still all about family.