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28-May-2019 01:20

Gameplay will just be about choosing between conversation options, assisted by three bars (interest/friendship/desire).Art is necessary for the Girl, the Player, the Assistant, and background.Check out high schools in red neck hillbilly areas, where the average age of someone finishing high school is mid twenties.The only problem is most of the girls will have 4 or 5 kids by then and the kids would have a startling resemblance to cousin Billy Bob.OP...check your messages for a PM :)Some sites ARE (or sure seem to be) geared toward a younger demographic PS...YES, I got as far as the date section in reading your profile, so I got it is a joke!

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Om cookies te accepteren, blijft u de site gebruiken zoals gewoonlijk.Still, gotta tell you, it's sort of like playing w/ fire to go that route because many will miss the humor and so...opppps, they hit next.