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14-May-2019 14:00

Posing as the girl, the detective continued to chat with the predator: “What do you need for me to have this stop? ’ He kind of demanded how I go take the picture,” the detective said.

Younger kids — sometimes as young as 8 years old — are even more vulnerable to the online threats, officials said.

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“A lot of times, they’ll pretend that they’re younger people just to get involved.” The chat rooms were swarming with activity at a time when most teens are in school.In the WTOP series, “Preventing Online Predators,” WTOP goes behind the screen with undercover detectives who work to identify and track down child predators on the internet and speaks to a family about how their teen daughter was targeted. — Sitting inside a nondescript conference room last spring, a Fairfax County detective powered up a computer and logged into an online chat room aimed at teenagers. And predators are constantly casting their net — way more often than you think, one federal prosecutor said recently — in their efforts to obtain sexually explicit pictures and videos from children.