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Underwood's fourth album, Blown Away (2012), earned her a Grammy Award and was that year's second best-selling release by a female artist.

Her first compilation album (2014) was a chart and sales success and earned her a Grammy Award.

In 1996, Capitol Records was preparing a contract for Underwood but canceled it when company management changed.

Underwood said of the event, "I honestly think it's a lot better that nothing came out of it now, because I wouldn't have been ready then.

Bolstered by the huge crossover success of the singles "Jesus, Take the Wheel" and "Before He Cheats", it became the fastest selling debut country album in Nielsen Sound Scan history, the best-selling solo female debut album in country music history and the best-selling country album of the last ten years.

Underwood won three Grammy Awards for the album, including Best New Artist.

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Her achievements led her to be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 2008 and into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in 2009.She spent part of one of her summers as a page for Oklahoma State Representative Bobby Frame.She also waited tables at a pizzeria, worked at a zoo, and at a veterinary clinic.Her fifth album, Storyteller (2015), made her the only country artist to have all first five studio albums reach either numbers one or two on the Billboard 200.

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She has sold more than 65 million records worldwide. She is the Top Country Artist of all-time on the RIAA's Digital Singles ranking and the biggest American Idol earner of all time.

She has won numerous music awards, including 7 Grammy Awards, 17 Billboard Music Awards, 12 Academy of Country Music Awards and 9 American Music Awards.