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31-Aug-2019 11:33

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If you’ve been traveling through Latin America conquering the local women, landing in Chile will bring a sense of relief.

Jump in a taxi and tell the driver to head to the nearest sex motel.

Any Chilean girl you pick up from the club won’t mind going to one, unless she is a cuica girl (upper class)Cons: expensive, unhealthy food, hipsters Pros: safety, scenery, everything works No city or country is perfect.

Most Chilean dishes are fried and they slather everything in mayo and ketchup—can’t they just give me the bottle and let me decide how much ketchup and mayo I want on my food? I arrived in August one year and the cold and hipster clothing made me want to leave after a week.

Anyway, I’m sure that this diet along with the high standard of living is causing the obesity levels to rise. Safety is not to be underestimated—Brazil is fun but there is always fear eating into your enjoyment. Every country in Latin America tries to separate itself from the rest.

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Once you get a grip of the city you can venture into the more expensive Las Condes/Vitacura areas.Like all Latin American countries, the hotter Chilean women will have European ancestry and come from rich families. While not as indigenous-looking as the girls in Bolivia or Peru, Chilean girls are closer to that end of the scale than the white girls of Uruguay and Argentina.If you’ve just come from Brazil you’ll notice the complete absence of blacks and if you’ve just come from Argentina you’ll notice the complete absence of blondes.It’s difficult to compete with that and Chilean girls know it—this makes them easier to lay.

Because Chilean women haven’t been put on a pedestal like Brazilians and Argentines, they are easier to lay and more pleasant company in general.

Not that everybody is waddling around in 4xl jeans, but if you’ve just arrived from Argentina you’ll notice the difference. Chile also has great wine and lots to see—you can go to the beach (Via del Mar) or ski in the Andes in the same day. For example, Argentinian women think they are European, Brazilian women don’t consider themselves Latin, and Chilean women look down and the rest of Latin America with their higher crime rates, unstable economies and tin-pot dictators.

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