A girls guide to dating

25-Apr-2019 10:22

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Since we clearly need all the help we can get, I resolve to investigate.

The first thing I learn is that it’s about as difficult to get a French person to admit to online dating as it is to get her to admit to knowing the names of the Kardashians.

In addition to the stupefying abundance of options, there is the deteriorating quality of interactions and consequent dates.

In the off chance that you manage to break the virtual barrier and coordinate a physical rendezvous, there is a high likelihood the person will have mentally checked out by the second cocktail, eager to swipe on to the next B-list bikini model.

But chaps, many of you seem to be labouring under the idea that it’s hard to sleep with a posh girl. Just don’t wear brown suede loafers because brown suede loafers scream "Chess Club" and we’re not here to play chess. So unless you also have the sort of family that makes the Borgias look like a fairly cheerful bunch, go big on your home life.

Prove that you’re more into women than Latin declensions.

If you can cook anything - literally anything, even a bacon sandwich - casually mention that at some point too.

Although part of the allure may have been the chance to practice my French, I can’t help but recall a number of long, languid walks and philosophical talks that had resulted from the online dating platform.

Could it be that the French have succeeded at tackling the delicate art of online dating with their customary moderation and integrity, allowing them to cultivate genuine connections?Given the rate at which it is spewing out a stream of notifications, stemming from none other than five dating apps (full disclosure—she has a separate folder), it certainly seems like a threat to one’s sanity at the very least.