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And you best believe she won’t let anyone shame her about it.

By the time a Harris Poll would survey 2,225 adults, 46 years after the festival, three in 10 Americans had at least a single tattoo; among millennials representing an age cohort parallel to that of the average attendee at Woodstock, fully 47 percent were inked.3.

’ Ellen continued: ‘Well, you take very good care of yourself and you enjoy doing activities, so you’re not ashamed of…

when you’re holding your breasts like that and getting a picture taken.’ Preach it, girl.

Jet 4 undoubtedly provides a popular form of sporty spirit.

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Its original design like the unique headlight is widely acknowledged and adored.She added: ‘It just shows you how irrational fear of flying is: when there’s things that really you shouldn’t be afraid of, and and when there’s actually something you should be afraid of, you’re not.’ Jen remained coy, saying: ‘Okay, why not?