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Sunday morning, that blissful day and time where there is no work or school to go to, the phone is usually quiet, and you can take some extra time in bed before you get up, which was exactly what Laura was doing.

The bedsheets had twisted during the warm night, but she didn't care that they lay uncomfortable under her.

When a man ejaculates on a woman's chest and neck in a way that recalls an elegant pearl necklace.

The whole thing resembles a pig roasting on a spit.

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If you've been nervously laughing at dirty jokes for five years because you've been too afraid to Google something (with good reason), this list should clear it right up for you. This act is performed on a male specifically and is a combination of anilingus while simultaneously reaching around to masturbate the recipient. It involves placing a finger into your partner's butt and then wiping it on their upper lip, creating the illusion of a mustache. It is also known as "water sports," which is why when you Google image search that, you get pictures of people smiling on jet skis mixed in with middle aged dudes peeing on teens. I'm not a doctor but this is probably not advisable, health-wise. This is sometimes purposeful, and sometimes used to describe someone who is inexperienced and terrible at nipple play. This is a diplomatic way of saying ass-eating that's not "anilingus." That's it. When having sex from behind, the guy ejaculates onto his partner's upper back without warning. A word of warning: these are all tasteless, often derogatory, and/or racist, but they've entered the pop culture lexicon at some point and you'll probably keep hearing them for the foreseeable future despite your best efforts. Be sure to ask and ask again that your partner is as excited as you are if you want to try any of these out. Think about how a trombone is played, and then picture doing that to a human being. You probably know what this is by now, but some people have just never asked and now they're too embarrassed, like those people who got through college without knowing how to do laundry. Historians aren't positive why it invokes the capital of Japan specifically, other than it's distant and would likely require a lot of effort to successfully reach Tokyo. Satiated, the partner rolls onto their back and falls asleep. When a womanuses a strap-on dildo to engage in anal sex with a man.

When testing and/or iterating on Cards, it is sometimes helpful to test updates on your timeline.… continue reading »

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Previous research using laboratory-based techniques has demonstrated the relationship between the chemical composition of glass and its age.… continue reading »

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