17 rules of celestial dating

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I’m the one that designed your character.”“Wait, what? ” I asked, confused by that remark.“Basically, apply the Multiverse theory to any fiction or tall tale you’ve heard, and you’ve got the truth. He was firmly seated in the very same belief that Celly just told me. He often wrote these fantastical stories of these distant worlds, often ones where technology ruled where magic was feared. I’m actually talking to my OC…” I could feel both a fangasm and slight fear grow from her. Her shock and dropped jaw prevented me from asking my next question.“Holy shit. What the hell kinda restrictions does a pony have to put on Chocolate? However, it looked like the comment wasn’t necessary either.“Damnit! ” She shouted in frustration from behind the walls. ” She took her turn.“My given name is Switchlock, but I’ve been using Mirror Hold for the past year.” I answered. “It’s a data storage device, loaded up with multiple different programs. I can’t believe I haven’t asked by now, but what’s your name?

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She rolled her eyes.“Well, it’s kinda hard not to notice how nervous you are, and that you wouldn't stop staring at me. Because that form looks just like the one my original character uses. I turned to glare at the intruding changeling again, to find it was the same guy.“Buck off, you freakin perv! If you really want it to happen, Switch and I can have a little fun.” She replied. I tasted that special addictive love again and grinned as I consumed it. There was a lot of mirth in that massive-flanked pony.“Nah, I think I’d prefer the other way.” I counter trolled. I feigned a hurt look.“I might be a changeling, but that doesn’t mean I’m evil, you racist pony.” I countered jokingly.

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She suddenly grinned, and leaned over the table for a thankfully non-crushing hug.“Get over here, ya goofy little bugger.” She said jovially. I turned back to Celly and found her looking at me oddly. I realized I forgot to check her emotions to confirm my suspicions. A really popular character among ponies.“And by that am I supposed to assume you mean you don’t hate anyone?

“I’ve been living like that for a while.”“Oh, yeah. It’s always been something a number of fans of this world have been wanting to confirm.” She asked, changing the topic. The topic was getting more awkward than when it started.“Oh, it’s got a wide variety of tastes. Thanks for the concern though.” She replied once she got her breathing under control.

The variety of dialects is also a result of the shared borders with four different nations.… continue reading »

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