12 dating deal breakers

14-Jun-2019 12:37

She Doesn’t Tell the Truth “No one wants to date a liar and trust is the hardest thing to rebuild in a relationship,” says Bay Area-based executive Brian Hauptman.

Lying just proves to your potential suitor that you aren’t really interested in a relationship because with Internet search engines and social networking sites it’s simple to do a quick check to see if your story is true.

However, be sure to keep the relationships with your own group of friends intact.

Men want a woman who’s not only willing but wants to have a girl’s night out.

I get it: Not all men are interested in a woman with some extra weight on her.

I’ve seen the online dating profiles that specify “no fatties,” and I’ve been ignored in bars, no doubt because my physical stature doesn't fit someone's dating ideal.

Of course, in his online dating profile pic, he'd flashed a tight-lipped grin, leaving me no indication of what was missing.

About the height thing: I know maybe I'm being fastidious with this one, but if my size is going to be a deal-breaker for some men, well, then, I'm going to stick to my personal height requirements and not feel bad about it.

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Just like women, men are looking for a mate who is self-assured. Cheating (the Ultimate Deal Breaker) Most men will say cheating gives them carte blanche to call off the relationship.

:) My friend recently went out with a guy who wouldn’t stop biting her while they kissed, and she woke up with bruises the next day! Back in my mid twenties, when I was single and searching in Manhattan, I was riding the subway with a guy I was dating, and we were having a nice night, and all of a sudden he said, “You have the cutest little moustache.” What?!?!? I laughed and asked him if he was serious, and he said, “Yeah, you have blonde hairs so it’s hard to see, but you have a little moustache.” I was so traumatized that I went home that night and shaved.