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Students: Below are lesson cards and associated readings for the first week of the initial academic course, "Think, Decide, Communicate." Review the lesson cards, note there are embedded hyperlinks for some readings; other readings are attached.

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Parris Island and San Diego DO NOT necessarily follow the same schedules when there are changes.TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) Much of the CSC curriculum is shared electronically on our .EDU network and the college provides wireless internet access.To access the network, you will need a CAC-enabled device.

Our IT team has shared the following guidance to ensure you are “set up for success” with the BYOD policy: Based on customer issues that we've seen, a Windows-based machine with Win 10 (it has inherent active client software already included) would be our recommendation for BYOD.Complete the IMS Sponsor Form and submit to [email protected]

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