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11-Sep-2019 16:52

Create a new account today or login via Facebook and Twitter!A lot of insecure dummies on here needing validation.If you know you need to send two or more photos from deep in your Photos Library, you're better off sending those from your Photos app itself, rather than Messages.While the App Drawer is the way of the future for sending photos and videos in Messages, the future doesn't have to be now.Now, in order to access your photo library without having to do so directly from the Photos app, you have to look to the App Drawer in Messages.Introduced in i OS 11, the App Drawer contains all the i Message apps and stickers you have on your i Phone. If you don't see the drawer upon opening a chat, tap the App Store icon next to the camera button.

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You would just tap on the camera icon next to the new message box, then choose either to take a new one or select one from your library.

Photos presents your images and videos in reverse-chronological order, split up into rows of two.

You can browse through your feed by swiping left on these rows.

You can also swipe up from the gray bar to reveal some suggestions Siri thinks you might want to send to the recipient/s in your chat.

In order to see these suggestions, i Cloud Photo must be enabled.Sometimes they’re a joke, like the photos snapped by a bored Subway worker in Ohio, who put his phallus on a footlong and was fired for it.

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