Who is a glassblower
There is such a profession in the world as glassblower. The name itself says already about themselves that these masters are blowing glass. They do it with a special tube.
Glassblowers use a lot of other tools in the process. We must really love this thing to create such masterpieces. Glassblowers are neat and have a very good imagination.
There are several areas of the profession of glassblowers: blowers, instructors and artists. Each glassblower specializes in its own direction.
Blowers create lamps, Christmas decorations. Instructors are indispensable in the manufacture of test tubes and other glass devices for laboratories. Artists create souvenirs.
Glassblowers are very interesting and at the same time dangerous work. People of this profession are often near the fire, so they can easily get burned if they do not observe safety precautions and safety measures.